Outsource 2D Floor Plan Conversion Services

Floor plans are powerful tools that give real estate buyers an understanding of the property’s exact space layout. They enable the prospective buyers to get an idea about the number of rooms, their layout, size of each room, and the interactivity between them. If you have manual or printed sketches of the floor plans, we, at PhotozWorld can help you convert them into visually-appealing 2D Floor Plans.

2D Floor Plan Conversion Services

Let’s walk you through our capabilities:

PhotozWorld delivers high-quality and effective 2D Floor Plan Conversion Services to help real estate agents, brokers, engineers and architects present an exact space layout of a real estate property to the buyers. Our floor plans in 2D aptly display walls, rooms, bathrooms, patios, garden, kitchen, etc.

With an optimum blend of Photoshop and CAD experts coupled with advanced technology, we create and convert your existing floor plans into 2D using advanced software such as Room Sketcher, Google Sketchup, etc. Committed to delivering complete accuracy in all our projects, we ensure that the buyers get actual view of the property’s layout. Our 2D Floor Plan Conversion Services include:

  • Re-creating scaled and detailed floor plans from your drawings, manual/printed sketches, outlines and photographs, in tune with your needs and requirements
  • Converting the files into attractive 2D floor plans to enhance buyer’s experience
  • Delivering high resolution files in JPG, PDF, etc., formats

You hold the complete copyright of your floor plans, and can use it to market your property through online and offline mediums including websites, online brochures, social media sites, printed brochures, etc.

Key Features

  • Professional 2D Floor Plans
  • Customizable templates
  • Complete accuracy
  • High resolution designs
  • Industry best turnaround time
  • Competitive pricing

To find out more about our 2D Floor Plan Conversion Services, kindly call us at +91-9910106665 or write-in to us at info@photozworld.com.