Outsource Floor Plan Conversion Services

Till date, many architects and engineers draft house plans using pencil and paper. However, considering the rise of digitization all around the world, it remains a challenging task to catch the attention of the buyers using manual sketches, photographs and drawings. This is where PhotozWorld steps in.

Floor Plan Conversion Services

Through our wide range of floor plan conversion services, we assist real estate agents, dealers, construction workers, architects and engineers provide basic floor plans along with real estate property images so that the potential buyers can get an exact idea about the property’s space layout in a digital file and make buying decision without visiting the location in person.

Floor Plan Conversion Services at PhotozWorld: Key Features

At PhotozWorld, we are well-equipped with a team of CAD designers and photo editing professionals, holding extensive experience in converting manual/printed sketches, outlines and drawings into 2D and 3D floor plans. Through our detailed and scaled floor plans, we provide your buyers with the actual space layout of the property including exact room sizes, position of areas like kitchen, bathroom, garden, garage, etc., and interconnectivity between these living spaces.

  • Our experts are familiar with working on advanced software such as RoomSketcher, Google SketchUp, etc.
  • We can easily create and convert your existing manual and printed floor plans, CAD file formats and photographs into 2D or 3D.
  • Our professionals scale the architectural floor plans so that you can efficiently market your properties through offline as well as online modes such as online flyers, printed brochures, websites or marketing collaterals.
  • We deliver high-quality floor plans in JPG and PDF file formats, as per your requirements.

We deliver close to 100% accuracy in all our projects and maintain complete data confidentiality.

A quick glimpse at PhotozWorld’s 2D and 3D Floor Plan Conversion Services

To help you provide a better view of the property to your prospective buyers, we accurately convert the sketches, photographs and CAD file formats into 2D and 3D. Our experts work as an extension of your in-house team to analyze your business specifications and deliver solutions that exactly match your requirements.

Regardless of the volume and intricacy associated with the project, we can convert your sketches into attractive floor plan templates that provide exact view of the property’s space layout.

In addition to Floor Plan Conversion Services, we also provide a rich array of real estate photo editing and property image enhancement services to ensure that your real estate photos are clear and eye-catching, thus helping you attract more buyers and increase sales.

Get in touch with us at +919910106665 or mail us at info@photozworld.com to find out more about our comprehensive portfolio of services. We also offer a free sample job on no-cost-obligation basis to enable you to assess our performance and turnaround times.